A Little Background about a Chick named kylie...


I was one of those kids growing up who wrote obsessively in my colorful journals (yes, plural), of which I had one for each stage of life and categorized them thoughtfully. The inner dialogues of my mind have been happening ever since I can remember (obviously). Doodles in the margins, folded corners, drips of ice-cream and smudged grass stains adorned the pages that traveled with me. I studied a degree that required me to write an absurd amount of papers, enabling me to become a more educated writer through weaving theory with storytelling. Today, I still spend many nights writing notes and musings in my phone, on random scraps of paper and within (yes, you guessed it) many many different leather-bound journals. Let's write a story worth remembering!


To the Grand

Growing up, we were always getting mixed up. So what, we look the same. It’s a little freaky. Being friends with an identical triplet is no easy feat—it requires giving a dang to not only know who is who, but also to identify what makes each of us unique. We always knew we were the same, yet different—and that can be hard for a multiple to explain to what we call “singletons.”


If My Bag Could Talk

If my bag could talk, it would ask where are we headed to next? I’m a minimalist at heart, so my go to pack is the Flipside Sport. It’s lightweight and carries all my essentials on any given day traveling, hiking, or hitting the backcountry. 


Into the Wild with travel Photographer 

At first glance, Kylie's Instagram feed looks like an insiders guide to the great outdoors, but it’s that second look that really gets to you. It’s the most sincere unspoken dialog between a human being and Mother Nature’s ever changing seasons. Turley guides us, if only digitally, through the various exotic places she has traveled to, including the sandy beaches of Costa Rica, the icy mountains of Idaho and the Great Basin of Nevada.